Dear Fellow Christian:

As a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ, you surely know what He wants us to do above all else. After He rose from the dead He met with His disciples several times during a forty day period, and most of what he told them can be summed up in four words: Go teach ALL NATIONS(Matthew 28:19).

That command goes back to the time when God created the nations 2000 years earlier. All humans were in one place, speaking the same language. But they went into idolatry. So God confounded their language and scattered them over the face of the earth, temporarily (Genesis 11:9). Even then He had a plan to win them back.

He called out a man named Abram and changed his name to Abraham (Genesis 17:5) meaning “Father of nations,” because, God said, through one of your descendants (And only one: Galatians 3:16) all nations will be blessed. Christ was the promised seed of Abraham through whom some from every nation would be reconciled to God and bear witness for Him on earth.

That’s why Jesus the Messiah spoke repeatedly about having a witness, a people for His name among ALL NATIONS. A nation in the biblical sense is a group of people having their own distinct language and cultural customs. About 7000 nations are living on our planet today. Thus far, our Lord has a witness for Himself…a people for His name, among about 4000 of these nations. So, our primary responsibility is to plant a witness for Christ among those 3000 unreached nations.

The fulfillment of our Lord’s eternal purpose began in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost when 3000 pilgrims from all over the Roman empire (Acts 2:5) turned to Christ and then went home (Acts 8:1, 11:19) to start churches within their respective nations.

Evangelistic activity among unreached nations began again around 1800 when William Carey went to India, Adoniram Judson to Burma, Robert Morrison to China, and many others. Churches were planted within about 2000 nations between 1800 and 1940. Then everything changed. Communists took over one third of the world, and put out all foreign missionaries. Hindus gained independence for India and cut off more than 1200 nations there. Another 1200 were likewise cut off in countries controlled by Muslims in Asia and Africa.

About 90% of unreached nations were closed off from American missionaries after World War II. But God had an answer: NATIVE MISSIONARIES SERVING WITH INDIGENOUS MISSIONS. At least 300,000 of them had been called to serve by 1990, some in almost all the closed countries which had put the foreigners out.

But there was a problem: native missionaries had no source of financial support. Due to poverty and persecution, indigenous churches were barely self-supporting. Few if any of their member had paying jobs, and those who did earned on average about $2.00 per day. And every church was burdened with the care of widows, orphans, victims of wars, persecution and natural disasters. They had nothing left over for the support of missionaries.

So I do not hesitate to ask you to support India Tribals in Ministry. I believe your gift go further for God’s Kingdom thru indigenous missions than anywhere else you can give toward completing the unfinished task of planting a witness for Christ in every nation.

For His Glory,
John Graham

India Tribals In Ministry
P.O. Box- 851112
Mesquite, Texas 75185- 1112
“He that winneth souls is wise.”
Proverbs 11:30

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