John Graham Charitable Foundation
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The main objects of John Graham charitable/trust shall be as mentioned below:

  1. To proclaim the love of Jesus Christ through service to poor and needy in Society by establishing, acquiring, running and maintaining Educational institutions like Schools, Colleges, Post graduate Professional Colleges including Medical, Engineering, Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing and Other. Research institutions and also establishing institutions and services in Health care and social infrastructure. The services of the Trust will be open to all irrespective of caste, religion or sex..
  2. To establish, promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and for aid to or help in the setting up and/or maintaining and/or running institutes, orphanages, widow houses, leprosy feeding program, poor houses poor houses or other establishments for relief and/or help to the poor, old age people and destitute.
  3. To construct and run Hostels, Libraries, reading rooms, lecture halls, convention Centers, vocational Training institutions, Stadiums, Canteens, Swimming Pools and Sports coaching Centers and other establishments or institutions for advancement of education and of knowledge in arts, science, literature, humanities and all other useful subjects in all their manifestations.
  4. To give, provide and/or render food, medicine and other help or assistance in any shape or for on to the poor deserving, poor and needy.
  5. To give provide and/or render monetary and/or other help and assistance for relief of persons affected by natural calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclones, earthquakes, storm, accident pestilence, drought, epidemic, unbearable cost of living and the like to give donation, subscription or contributions to institutions, establishments, centers or persons doing relief works on such occasions.
  6. To establish maintain or grant aid to the establishment or maintenance of Drinking water, Sanitation facilities and other infrastructure faculties for the needy persons.
  7. To grant pay or give scholarship, stipends, rewards, allowance and other financial assistance or help in cash or kind to students with a view to help them in their studies in schools, colleges, educational institutions, technical institutions, arts schools, institutions teaching commercial and other arts including teaching of cultural arts or other training research or educational works.
  8. To open establish, promote, setup run, maintain, assist, finance support and help in the setting up maintaining and/or running hospitals, charitable dispensary, maternity houses and child welfare centers.
  9. To incorporate various non-governmental organizations and agencies for attaining above aims and objectives.
  10. To collect and accept donations, gifts and other aids from governmental bodies, institutions, local bodies in India an abroad subject to foreign contribution regulation Act and other applicable law.

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